Friday, February 12, 2010

43 curves

Disney Concert Hall, Downtown LA

I went to visit Alex after work today. He has been working at a high school near downtown LA for a while now, but I didn't realize how close it really was. The school itself is brand new (sidenote: it's where they film the Jonas Brothers show) and has a great view of the skyline. After chatting with one of his students and getting a personal tour of campus, we walked a few blocks uphill, to the Disney Concert Hall.

The hall was designed by Frank Gehry, of Bilbao's Guggenheim and Chicago's Jay Pritzker Pavilian (Millenium Park), and is truly a marvel to look at. The curves of the building fit together so well and I hear the acoustics in hall are insanely crisp and clean (I have yet to attend a concert).

There's a public park area adjacent to the building that we spent time exploring and taking plenty of pictures. There are a couple more shots of the building and Alex in my photostream.

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