Wednesday, January 13, 2010

13 Cars Moving


Tonight was the grand opening and light show for the JW Marriott - Ritz Carlton hotels, the latest additions to LA Live, a good attempt at bringing life back into Downtown LA. I exited near the hotel, which is adjacent to the Staples Center, and drove past what has now become a bustling area. The parking was a minimum of 8 dollars near the center, but luckily, from the photographer's end of the spectrum, a front row seat is not what makes the best photo. So, I drove a few blocks and stumbled upon some street parking near the bridge at Wilshire Blvd.

I just had my Slik Mini tripod which made for an interesting balancing game on the rail of the bridge. I wish I had brought another camera just to show my setup for taking these shots. This was my first real attempt at moving cars up close, so it took a little time to find the right setting/ exposure. I loved the way these came out, especially the green bridge. You can see the JW Marriott - Ritz Carlton in the background.

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