Saturday, January 16, 2010

16 extreme close-up

extreme close-up, originally uploaded by sulalala.

I was famished after my first soccer game with the LA Arsenal and craving something Korean. I had recently found out that Paris Baguette (a bakery chain in Korea) was right around the corner in Glendale, so I went for an iced coffee and croissant. Right next door is a little 식당 - restaurant which immediately made me crap 김밥 - kimbab or korean rice rolls. I order a 참치김밥 (tuna) and was a little surprised at how long it took. It turned out she made it the fancy way (rice on the outside of the seaweed), so of course, I couldn't just eat it right away.

I took these photos with a reverse-mounted 50mm lens, to showt he detail. I'm still getting the hang of the reverse-mount as I just received the mounting ring as a Christmas present (too many toys to play with!). More fun to come.

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