Saturday, January 9, 2010

9 Food Trucks


A visit from Tanya usually = food consumption. It's funny how sometimes an entire trip can be based around what you can possibly eat in said places. Before my lactose intolerance controlled all my eating habits, I would plan my trips to Chicago around, well mainly, cheese.

This morning, Tanya and I were already thinking about dinner; we had planned on getting Korean BBQ so I inevitably called up Alex, my good friend who was my co-worker in Korea and has also become my go-to partner for eating Korean food.

It turned out he was playing soccer at the same park as me, just after my practice at 3:30. I dragged Tanya to come watch at least a few minutes of his game and found this gem of a pupusa truck parked right next to the fields.

We had to restrain ourselves from ordering anything and save our bellies for the feast ahead of us.

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