Friday, January 8, 2010

8 The DJ

The DJ, originally uploaded by sulalala.

Friday, oh, glorious Friday. I was swamped at work and overall exhausted, leading me to be very lazy in my photo missions. My friend Tanya was driving down from the Bay Area for a weekend visit so I was thinking I would have plenty of opportunities for some photos when she arrived. But I also knew I would need a nap before the havoc that is hanging out with Tanya.

Tanya got to my place around 9 pm and we only had an hour or so of chatting before we were to meet up with a couple friends in Downtown LA. I threw my camera in my car to hopefully score some night shots of downtown. The club was a ways from the bigger buildings in the city, so in my last-minute recourse, I took some half-assed shots of the security guards in the parking lot since I didn't want to take my camera inside. "Can I take your photo?" "What for?" "It's for a project I'm doing of 'Men in Uniform.'" "Well, I'm hardly in uniform but do what you gotta do," and then proceeded to blush and face away from the camera. :)

Luckily, my friend Diana was gracious enough to lend me her point-and-shoot Nikon to snap a few (dozen) shots of the DJ. I especially dug the floating DJ booth.

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